Seebataillon Dark Blue Uniform
Reproduced from the Doppler Collection by kind permission

A photo of a mounted officer of the III. Seebataillon taken in Tsingtao prior to the First World War. He is wearing a uniform very similar to the one shown in detail on this page

This uniform is the dark blue uniform worn by other ranks in the Seebataillone on home duties or during Winter in Tsingtao prior to the First World War. Although this uniform is from the I. Seebataillon it differs only from that worn by the II. and III. Seebataillone in the numeral on its shoulder strap. The woollen tunic is dark blue, piped in white (for the Seebataillone), with double yellow Litzen on the stand collar and Brandenburg cuffs. The trousers worn with this uniform are the woollen summer white issue trousers. Dark Blue trousers piped in white to match the tunic were worn in Winter. Officer's uniforms would have been the same cut but usually privately tailored and of better quality with gold Litzen. Seebataillon Officers shoulder straps showed their rank, an example can been seen on the Seebataillon Officers White Uniform Details Page.

When war broke out in 1914 and the I. and II. Seebataillone were sent to the Western Front they had not yet been issued with field grey like the imperial army. These blue tunics were worn in action for the first few months of the war.

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A full view of the Seebataillon other ranks dark blue uniform.   A close-up of collar, note the double yellow Litzen on the white collar.   A view of the shoulder strap. It bears an imperial crown above crossed anchors and the numeral I (denoting the battalion number).
A detailed close up of the right sleeve. Again note the double yellow Litzen on the white Brandenburg style cuff.   A view of the left cuff and bayonet with its bayonet knot. Note that this bayonet knot is yellow/white/yellow denoting that it from the 3rd company of a 1st Battalion, in this case the I. Seebataillon. The I. Seebataillon had four companies in its peacetime establishment.    The rear of the tunic showing the piping and button arrangement on the rear skirts.
This photo shows the other ranks peaked cap. To match the uniform it is dark blue with a hatband and piping in white. The hatband bears a single imperial cockade. A similar peakless softer version was also issued to other ranks, the peaked version being an optional private purchase item (as this one is) for other ranks. Unlike the similar cap featured on the Field Cap Details Page this one still retains its original chinstrap held above the peak.   The inside of the peaked cap.   A close-up of maker's mark inside the peaked cap.






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