Seebatallion Officer's White Tropical Uniform
Reproduced from the Doppler Collection by kind permission


Officers of the Seebatallione based in tropical climates (such as Tsingtao) were issued with a white cotton  summer uniform. This uniform was worn before the war on general peacetime duties and parades. Although this particular tunic has no pockets, some versions had two hip pockets and a distinctive single left breast pocket unique to the German marine infantry.

This uniform would not have been worn in action officers would have worn the khaki uniform as described on the Tsingtao Page on this website.

In the photo on the left the officer is shown wearing a 1900-01 China campaign medal (see Medals Details Page).

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The plain white peaked naval cap with a single cockade. A similar cap but in khaki could be worn with the khaki field uniform   A close-up of the inside of the cap.   A view of how the cap separates into two parts for ease of laundry.
A close up of the imperial cockade.   The front of the tunic with its standing collar and five plain brass buttons.   The rear of the tunic with two brass buttons to hold up the belt.
This photo shows a naval officers' belt buckle. The brass buckle shows an imperial crown above an anchor and W (for Emperor Wilhelm II) surrounded by a laurel wreath. The belt is made from silver thread woven with a red central and two black stripes, although the colours on this one have faded slightly over the years.   A close up of the shoulder strap showing rank. A brass imperial crown on a board of silver, red and black braid denotes a Leutnant-zur-See. The shoulder strap would have appeared the same on the officer's khaki uniform. Officer's did not wear the other rank's crossed anchors and battalion number on their shoulder straps.   A close-up of the plain domed brass buttons and belt buckle.



This photo shows the hook and eye fastening of the standing collar.


A closer view of the trousers.


A close-up of the naval officer's sword and white gloves. Both items were worn only on parade.

    The very faint issue stamp inside the tunic.    






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