Tsingtao Chinese Police


Photo   Doppler Collection

This is a photograph taken in Tsingtao, China, sometime between 1909 and 1914. It shows a unit of the Tsingtao Chinese Police at what looks like a swearing in ceremony for new recruits.

The police are all wearing light khaki summer uniforms. Their Chinese style tunics have four or five tie attachments down the front, and small standing collars. The trousers are matching and are tucked into dark blue/grey puttees. Most of the men wear German leather marching boots but some have Chinese sandals with white socks. The figure in the centre foreground has an armband in the German imperial colours (black/white/red). None of the Chinese wear any headdress, presumably for the purpose of the ceremony, but various types of Chinese headdress were usually worn by these police on duty (see Tsingtao Chinese Police).

On the right of the photograph is their German commander. The Tsingtao Chinese Police were commanded by German officers and NCOs from the III. Seebataillon and Naval Batteries. It is difficult to make out the details of this figure's uniform. He is certainly wearing a white summer uniform and dark peaked cap, and could belong to either the Marine Infantry or Imperial Navy.



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