Members of the III. Seebataillon in Tsingtao



Photo Doppler Collection


This photograph was taken in China, probably in the area of Tsingtao, sometime in the early 1900s. It shows three members of the III. Seebataillon with suspected Boxer prisoners.

The three Seesoldaten in the photograph all wear the 1893 Dark Blue Litewka tunic with conlealed buttons down the front and gathered cuffs. They have white collar patches with yellow Litzen. The shoulder straps have either been removed or are dark blue with yellow insignia. Each of the men has a chevron, probably in imperial colours, on the upper left arm. I'm not sure of the significance of this, though it may have been to indicate police service.

All three men wear the Seebataillon peaked cap (see right) in dark blue with white hatband and piping and a black leather peak. It has a small imperial cockade at the front of the hatband. Other ranks usually wore peakless field caps, but were allowed to privately purchase the peaked version as usually worn by senior NCOs and officers.

Seebataillon Peaked Cap
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Doppler Collection


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