Pioneer of the III. Seebataillon



Photo Peter Klein


This is a photograph taken in Tsingtao, China. It shows Pionier Hermann Stigelmeier of the Pionier Kompanie of the Seebataillon and is dated 29th July 1911.

He wears the Seebataillon Khaki Tropical Uniform. The tunic has a stand and fall collar and six plain brass domed buttons. The shoulder straps are white with red (for pioneers) insignia in the form of an imperial crown above two crossed anchors above the battalion numeral III. The tunic also had plain cuffs and two buttoned hip pockets. Note the oval badge with red crossed pick and shovel insignia for the Pioneer Company. Some photographs show this badge to be white, while here it is matching khaki with the tunic.

Matching khaki trousers are worn tucked into brown leather marching boots.

He wears a khaki Bortfeldt tropical helmet, with the marine infantry brass imperial eagle and anchor above an imperial cockade. Note the chinstrap worn folded over the front peak of the helmet.

He carries full marching order including backpack and tent quarter, note the pioneers long pick or shovel handle protruding over his left shoulder. He has two ammunition pouches either side of a naval other ranks belt buckle bearing the imperial crown surrounded by the motto "Gott Mit Uns". He also carries a pair of binoculars around his neck. His rifle is the G98.


Detail of the same Photograph

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