NCO Musician of the Train Company
of the East Asian Occupation Brigade



Photo © Karsten Herzogenrath

This is a posed studio photograph taken in Tientsin, China. It shows an Unteroffizier Musician of the Train Company of the East Asian Occupation Brigade. It was taken sometime between late 1900 and 1904.

He wears the 1900/01 Field Grey Uniform with the unique field grey shako worn only by the Train and the short lived Jäger company. Note the musicians swallows nests, NCO rank lace on the collar and cuffs along with a chevron on the left sleeve. He wears the Prussian Wilhelm I Centenary Medal.

He is clearly on mounted duty as can been seen from his lined riding breeches, high riding boots and sword (with a junior NCOs knot in the imperial colours). Note also the bandolier with separate pouches carried by mounted East Asian units.


Please respect the generosity of Karsten Herzogenrath in sharing this photograph with us by not reproducing it without prior permission. 

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