Matrose Wewers of the Imperial Navy
Photo Jeff Wewers



This is a photograph taken on board the SMS Goeben in about 1914. It shows a sailor ("Matrose") named Heinrich Wewers.

He wears standard German naval uniform as worn by other ranks from the 1890's until 1918. He has a dark blue woollen cap (see right) with an imperial cockade and black cap tally with a yellow (or white) metallic inscription showing the name of his ship- "S.M.S. GOEBEN". His shirt is the blue woollen winter naval top ("Wollenes Hemd" or woollen shirt) with removable naval collar in a lighter shade of blue with three white stripes (see right). The collar is tucked into a black neckerchief at the front, tied with white cord. His trousers are from the lightweight white summer uniform.

Heinrich Wewers (1884-1972) was a sailor by trade, working on merchant vessels both before and after the First World War. When the war broke out he was living in Rotterdam and returned to Germany to re-enlist. From this photograph it appears he joined the crew of the SMS Goeben, which served in the Ottoman navy operating mostly in the Black sea against the Russian navy. He emigrated to America in 1922 while working on a steamship line.

Please respect the generosity of Heinrich Wewers' grandson, Jeff Wewers in sharing this photograph with us by not reproducing it without prior permission. 


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