Sailor Sonntag of the Imperial German Naval Artillery



Photo © Doppler Collection




This is a photograph of a sailor called Sonntag and his family. Sonntag served for a time in the 4th Kiaochow Naval Artillery ("4. Marine Artillerie Kiautschou"), but is not believed to have been there in 1914. This photograph was probably taken in Germany during or after the First World War.

Over his dark blue naval shirt and collar, Sonntag wears a dark blue other ranks dress jacket ("Affenjacke"- see Other Ranks Naval Uniforms Page). The insignia on his left sleeve identifies his specialist skill and rank. The upper insignia is in yellow metallic thread and represents an Ober-Feuerwerksmaat, the lower insignia in yellow or possibly red is that of a Geschützführer. The lace on his cuff further identifies his rank as Obermaat. On his left breast he wears an Iron Cross, second class earned during the First World War. His Iron Cross is shown (reverse side up) along with the photograph.

His personal possessions box is shown to the bottom left. It is marked "M.A.K.4" for the 4. Marine Artillerie Kiautschou, his name "Sonntag" and number "217/05", which may be an issue number and battery number.



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Close up of the same photograph
showing his Iron Cross and specialist insignia
© Doppler Collection

A box for personal possessions
owned by Sonntag and unit marked "MAK4"
© Doppler Collection

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