Unteroffizier of the Cameroon Schutztruppe



Photo Karsten Herzogenrath

This is a posed studio photograph probably taken in Germany before departure for the colonies. It was most likely taken in the late 1890s.

He wears the 1896 peaked cap in grey to match the home uniform, with a hatband in red for Cameroon and a small imprial cockade at the front. It has a polished black leather peak. The uniform is the 1896 white tropical uniform piped in Schutztruppe blue. Note the single rank chevron on the upper left arm of an Unteroffizier.

The boots and gaiters are of an old pattern introduced for the Schutztruppe in 1891. They are not usually seen with the 1896 uniform and may be retained for mounted duties. That would also explain the use of a sword which was a not normally carried by junior NCOs in the Schutztruppe. A part of the Cameroon Schutztruppe was mounted and this NCO might be trained for that role.

Please respect the generosity of Karsten Herzogenrath in sharing this photograph with us by not reproducing it without prior permission. 

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