South West African Schutztruppe Senior NCO



Photo © Peter Klein

This is a photograph of an unknown Schutztruppe NCO probably taken sometime between 1907 and 1914 by Samson and company based on Bücherplatz in Breslau in what was then Prussian Silesia (modern Wroclaw in Poland). He wears an 1896 Khaki Uniform with the Südwester Hat. The hat, tunic and trousers are piped in blue.

The four chevrons on his left sleeve show his rank as a Feldwebel (see NCO Rank Insignia Page). As a senior NCO he carries a sword rather than a bayonet, it has a Portepee knot (see Bayonet and Sword Knots). He wears an other ranks leather belt and buckle.

On his left breast he wears three medals, the Prussian Military Honour Award, second class, the Prussian Long Service Award, first class and the South-West-Africa Campaign Medal 1904-08 (see Medals Page).

On his right breast he wears a marksmanship lanyard in Imperial colours (see Specialist Insignia Page).

South West African
Schutztruppe Südwester Hat
(See Südwester Details Page)
© Doppler Collection

Schutztruppe Feldwebel
Rank Chevrons
 (see NCO Rank Insignia Page)
© Doppler Collection

Schutztruppe Other Ranks
Belt Buckle
(See Belt Buckle Details Page)
Photo © Doppler Collection



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