The Austrian Army Museum Collection, Vienna


The Austrian Army History Museum ("Heeresgeschichtliches Museum") in Vienna, just next to the South Train Station ("Südbahnhof") has a very extensive collection of uniforms, weapons and militaria. It was the first purpose built museum in Vienna and claims to be the oldest purpose built military history museum in the world having been started in 1850. The Museum covers the Austrian Army and Navy from the 17th Century up until 1945 and also shows exhibits from Austria's allies and enemies during that time. These days the museum quite rightly tries not to glorify war and its motto is "Wars belong in Museums".

Amongst the many exhibits are standards of the Austro-Hungarian army going back to the time of Empress Maria Theresa, uniforms belonging to the Hapsburg royal family and the car in which Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo.

The museum is housed in the old Arsenal of the Imperial army. For updated details of opening times, entry prices and further information see the official website-


Heeresgeschichtliches Museum
Arsenal Objekt 1
A-1030 Wien


Austro-Hungarian Tropical Helmets at the Austrian Army Museum
I went to the museum in the hope that they might have one on display, they had three...

Helmet from the 1897 Crete Expedition. Helmet used in Palestine, possibly private purchase. Standard Issue Helmet from Palestine 1916.

See Austro-Hungarian Tropical Helmets Page for more photographs


Austro-Hungarian Naval Uniforms at the Austrian Army Museum
The museum has many more naval uniforms on display but here is a small selection...

Dark Blue Other Ranks Uniform Officer's Coat (belonging to Georg von Trapp)  White Other Ranks Uniform.

Other Interesting Exhibits at the Austrian Army Museum
 These photographs show only a very small selection of the Museum's truly amazing collection on display.

Statues of Austro-Hungarian Field Marshalls

A Collection of 17th Century Turkish Weapons


17th Century Artilley A Collection of Napoleonic Austro-Hungarian Uniforms

Kaiser Franz Josef's Uniforms c1914 SMS Kaiserin Elizabeth Landing Party Uniforms (Replicas)
Car in which Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo 1914 Second World War Kubelwagen



Austro-Hungarian Infantry Uniforms c1914   Austro-Hungarian Palace Guard Uniform c1914   Austro-Hungarian Infantry Uniform c1918
Italian Ardititi Armour c1917   German Infantry Uniform c1914 from the 1st Prussian Grenadier Guards Regt ("Kaiser Alexander Garde-Grenadier-Regiment. Nr.1")   American Infantry Uniform c1918
Austrian Palace Guard Helmet   Mexican Palace Guard Helmet   Hungarian Palace Guard Helmet
Prussian Tschapka c1914   Austro-Hungarian Infantry parade shakos c1914   Kaiser Franz Josef's Saxon Field Cap, he was Honorary Colonel of the 17th Saxon Lancer Regt ("1. Ulanen-Regiment Nr. 17 Kaiser Franz Joseph von Österreich, König von Ungarn").
   short, a visit to the
Heeresgeschichtliches Museum  is a great day out...
All photographs on this page taken by C Dale © 2011

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