A Marine Infantry Officer's Litewka Tunic
Photos Robert Pandis

This tunic was found along with the cap at auction amongst a collection of Japanese uniforms, suggesting that it might have been captured by the Japanese at Tsingtao in 1914. It would therefore most likely be from an officer of the III. Seebataillon or the East Asian Marine Detachment. It is privately tailored, as was common with officers' uniforms yet has no tailors mark inside. It may have been made by a tailor in China. It is made to the same specifications as most Marine Infantry officer's Litewkas except that it has no left breast pocket. Period photographs show that this was a relatively common variation.

The shoulder straps are those of a Captain ("Hauptmann") with two pips next to the Imperial crown of the Marine Infantry. The Prussian Iron Cross first class seen on the left breast would not have been worn by the Marine Infantry at Tsingtao before or during the First World War. Other close up photos below show detail of the concealed buttons at the front of the tunic and the tunic lining.





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