Naval Doctor's Frock Coat
Reproduced from the Doppler Collection by kind permission


This page has close-up photos of a dark blue woollen frock coat worn by a German Imperial naval senior doctor or Ober-Arzt during the First World War. Doctors for the Seebatallione wore the same frock coat.

Similar frock coats (but without the doctors blue collar) were worn by naval officers prior to and during the First World War.

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A close-up view showing details of the front of the frock coat with the Iron Cross First class on the left breast and second class as a ribbon in the  buttonhole. Both of the these medals would have been earned during 1914-18.   A close-up view showing details of the officer's belt with sword hanger attachment.   A close-up view showing details of the rear of the frock coat and the naval officer's sword.
A close-up view showing details of the front of the blue velvet collar. This blue collar was the distinction of naval doctors.   A close-up view of the cuff lace denoting the wearer's rank to be that of an Ober-Arzt. Note doctors' blue edging to the lace and the lack of an imperial crown, as would have been worn by most naval officers but not ships' doctors.   A close up view of the frock coat's buttons bearing the Imperial crown above and anchor.

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