Bar with the Combatants South West Africa Medal and Clasp

Photo JW Collection

The medals on this bar in order of seniority from left to right are-
Prussian Warriors Merit Medal, worn back to front
1914-18 Honour Cross for non-combatants
Third Reich War Merit Medal
Prussian Officers Long Service Award, for 25 years service
1904-08 South West Africa Campaign Medal for combatants with a clasp for "HERERO-LAND"
Prussian Red Cross Medal, third class
Third Reich Faithful Service Cross for 25 years service

The original owner of this medal bar was a combatant officer in the Herero Rebellion and served in a non-combatant role in the First World War, probably as a member of the Red Cross. His Prussian Warriors Merit Medal shows that he was probably from one of the non-Prussian German states. Note that campaign clasps were privately purchased and sometimes had small variations in style. This Hereroland clasp has a hyphen between "Herero" and "Land", while other examples of the same clasp do not.


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