Bar and Miniature with the Combatants South West Africa Medal

Photo JW Collection

The medals on this bar in order of seniority from left to right are-
Prussian 1914 Iron Cross
, second class
Prussian Warriors Merit Medal worn back to front
1914-18 Honour Cross for combatants
Third Reich Police Long Service Award for 25 years service
Prussian Other Ranks Long Service Award, first class for 21 years service
1904-08 South West Africa Campaign Medal for combatants

The original owner of this medal bar was an other ranks veteran of the Herero Rebellion and was decorated in the First World War. His Prussian Warriors Merit Medal shows that he was probably from one of the non-Prussian German states. It would appear that after the war he transferred to the police force, although he may also have served in the South West African Landespolizei before the war. Note that the miniature ribbon bar was made before the 1930s and therefore has no 1914-18 Honour Cross (instituted in 1934) and no 25 Years Police Service award.


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