German East African Improvised Field Gun
Photos © Dominic Hoole

This page shows some very detailed photographs of a field gun on display at the National Museum, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (former German East Africa). A plaque on the gun says that it was made at the Railway Workshop at Tabora and later captured in Dar es Salaam during the First World War.

A close examination of the breech of the gun reveals that it was in all probability not used for firing live rounds, but more probably for firing salutes or even as a decoy gun during the British bombardment of Dar es Salaam. Guns with similar wheels and carriages (also presumably made at the Tabora Workshop) are seen in a photograph in "In Mosun und Pori" by former SMS Königsberg and Schutztruppe artillery officer, Richard Wenig. It may be that this carriage at one time carried a working gun, and that the breech seen in this display was not its original one.



  Thanks to Dominic Hoole for sharing these photographs with us (please respect his generosity in sharing them with us by not reproducing them without prior permission) and also to Carl Schwamberger, Chris Flaherty, Bill Cainan and Olav Danebrog for help in identifying it. See also Axis History Forum and Panzer Forum for more discussion on this gun and other German Artillery in the colonies.  




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