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Australian War Memorial
Photo Michael Evans

The Australian War Memorial is situtated in the capital of Canberra and consists of a shrine, a museum and an archive to and of the Australians that fought in various overseas conflicts since the late nineteenth century to the modern day, including the two world wars.

The museum section of the memorial displays uniforms, weapons and militaria from Australian soldiers, their allies and their enemies in these campaigns. 

Amongst the many First World War exhibits are sections on the Invasion of German New Guinea, the Palestinian Campaign and the Sinking of the SMS Emden, including one of her 10.5cm Guns. These displays have been photographed below for us by Sebastien Grenda.



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Australian War Memorial
Treloar Crescent,
Campbell ACT 2612,


Exhibits of German Colonial and Overseas Interest in the Museum

Display Case of items relating to the Australian Capture of German New Guinea in 1914

Mauser C96 Semi-Automatic Pistol and Bowie Knife
They are captioned as having been "Captured from the German Commander in New Guinea". By this they presi#umably mean the military comander von Klewitz.

Hand Drawn Map of the Battle of Bita-Paka

Close Up of the Hand Drawn Map of the Battle of Bita-Paka, showing the German strengths at each point of defence.

Items relating to the Surrender of German New Guinea

Australian Ration Biscuit, from New Guinea 1914

Australian Five Mark Note, issued during the occupation of New Guinea

Australian Ten Mark Note

The Radio Station at Bita-Paka by Charles Bryant
Bryant served as an Australian official war artist on the Western Front in the First World War and went to New Guinea in 1923. This presumably then shows the radio station as having been rebuilt by the Australians rather than the original German station which was demolished by the Germans in 1914.

Plaque from the German hospital for islanders in Rabaul

Display Case of items relating to the Sinking of the SMS Emden by the Australian HMAS Sydney in 1914
On the left are the SMS Emden's coat of arms, the ship's bell and wheel. On the right is the ship's bell, wheel and a portrait of Able Seaman Richard Horne (painted by Charles Bryant) from the HMAS Sydney. Horne took part in the operations to occupy German New Guinea. He was later  severally wounded and decorated for his bravery in during the action with the SMS Emden of the Cocos Islands.

Ships' Bells from the SMS Emden and HMAS Sydney

Naval Cap from the SMS Emden

10.5cm Gun  from the SMS Emden in its Turret
Photo Andrew Melbourne

Model of a Camel of the Australian Light Horse in the Palestine Campaign 1917-18
Although the Australians fought both the Ottoman Turks and the German Asienkorps in this theatre there are no relics of the German forces in Palestine on display at the Australian War Memorial.

These photographs show only a very small selection of the Museum's collection on display.
The museum also has a large archive of text and photographic material in its possession.
A visit to the
Australian War Memorial is highly recommended.

All photographs on this page Sebastein Grenda, except where specified by Andrew Melbourne and Mike Evans

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